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January 3, 2021

Which Look Should You Try This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day can be so much fun! We love spending time with the ones we love and showing it in different ways like gifts and fun dates. But one of the most exciting parts about Valentine’s Day is the evening date. It’s always fun to do your hair and makeup all fancy while dressing up with the ideal outfit, but sometimes it’s hard to pick the right look for you!

Take this quiz and we’ll help you figure out which look you should create this Valentine’s Day!

Obviously, it’s always fun to come up with your own creative looks for date night, but if you need a little help, here are our suggestions based on your quiz results!

If You Got “I’m Worth It”

One of the perfect “I’m worth it” looks is to go with the little black dress, expensive jewelry, and pulled back hair. Keep your makeup clean and classy with a subtle smokey eye and red lipstick. This will help you feel confident, and you’ll turn heads when you walk in the room.

Girl in a little black dress with red lipstick and sunglasses

If You Got “Pretty in Pink”

If you got this result, use beautiful pink tones to complete your look. A dusty pink blush and soft pink lipstick will help your face shine while you wear your hair down with a soft curl. Wear a simple dress that compliments the color of your eyes. You’ll be sure to make your Valentine’s jaw drop with this look.

Girl in a sun hat holding pink roses and smiling

If You Got “Sugar Sweet”

Keep your look feminine and light this Valentine’s day. A shimmery highlighter will be your friend to bring out your cheekbones. Choose florals and light fabrics to incorporate into your outfit. Finish the look by letting your natural hair flow! You’ll be irresistible!

Woman in a white dress holding a black clutch

If You Got “Over-the-Top”

Say “Hello gorgeous” this Valentine’s day with the perfect “over-the-top” look. Choose lots of bold reds and contrasting colors like black and white to create the perfect outfit. Red lipstick is always a must paired with your favorite bold accessory. Nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of your beauty and love for Valentine’s Day!

Woman in bold colors with floating rose petals around her

Do You Love Creating the Perfect Date Night Look?

If you love creating looks for date night, check out our different beauty programs at Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy. We’re ready to help you learn how to develop your talents and passion in the world of cosmetology. Contact us today to see how you can apply and start towards your dream.

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