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August 21, 2020

Where Can a Cosmetologist Work?

Are you wondering where a cosmetologist can work? Cosmetologists can work in salons, run their own businesses, become instructors, and more! All of these careers provide a wide variety of possibilities! Many of these careers offer a flexible schedule, as you can choose to work full time or part time. And, depending on what you want, you can work in a busy and social atmosphere or a more personable, one-on-one atmosphere.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is expected to grow 8%, which is faster than average!

Given that there are many opportunities to choose from, we’ve highlighted some of our favorites. Find a cosmetology career that fits your lifestyle!

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Become a Hairstylist at a Local Salon

One of the most common careers for licensed cosmetologists is a hairstylist in a salon. You can have the convenience of taking walk-in clients without worrying about the business side of things. You could also work with a team if you prefer group work. Here are some reasons why you might want to work at a salon:

  • Accept walk-in clients
  • Make commission off of products
  • Have the ability to schedule appointments
  • Have a set work schedule
  • Socialize with other cosmetologists
  • Have the flexibility of renting a booth

Love these perks? Picture yourself working in a salon! You can talk to your stylist at your salon to learn more about why they decided to pursue their career and what they love about what they do.

Run Your Own Business

As a licensed cosmetologist, you can become the owner or manager of your own business! There are some benefits of running your own business including being in control of your schedule. You can have the freedom to choose who you work with, when you work, and how you want to run your business!

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Become an Instructor at a Beauty School!

Do you love teaching other people and helping others feel passionate about their future? A beauty school instructor can work part time or full time depending on the schedule they are teaching. You can teach students skills, as well as adapt to beauty industry trends and technology.

This can be a rewarding career, because you can meet new students each term and set them up for success. If you are a licensed beauty professional who wants to teach future cosmetologists, join our team here at Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy!

Become a Stylist for Special Events

You could work at special events such as fashion shows, runway events, weddings, formal events, and more. Working at events can be exciting, because you can meet new models, style hair in extravagant updos, and try new makeup styles. This can be a good career if you are looking to mix things up and are craving new experiences!

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Take Care of Hair and Makeup Backstage for News and Media

Some media companies have their own backstage stylists. A news station or a live tv show could be a good example of a company that might need a backstage crew. It can be exciting doing makeup and hair for a news anchor because your work can be seen on television! If you like doing professional on-screen makeup, this could be the career for you.

Become a Theater Production Stylist

Theater could be a fun career path if you want to create extravagant hairstyles or get creative with makeup. This could involve styling actors and actresses for a different time setting and matching makeup to their wardrobe.

Depending on the production, you could be creating looks for animals, wizards, ghosts, or other magical creatures. Theater styling provides an opportunity to get creative with makeup colors and textures! If the production is more realistic, you can provide simple stage makeup, where you focus on contouring and highlighting someone’s natural features.

Find out if there are local theater crews near you that you can get involved in!

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How To Find the Right Career For You

Did you find a career that you’re passionate about? Maybe you are still deciding. There’s no time limit to decide where you want your future to take you! If you’re still on the fence, here are some things to consider when choosing a career path.

  1. Is this career something that will make you happy?
  2. Does it help you develop skills that are in demand?
  3. Do you love your work environment?
  4. Do you love what you do every day?
  5. Does your career fit with your schedule and current priorities?

Read more about the top five things you should consider when choosing a career!

Learn How To Get Started

Once you’ve envisioned your future, it’s time to take the first step and contact someone in our admissions office at Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy. Our admissions team is happy to help with the steps to get started like the application for financial aid*. We can also show you around campus and help you look at what class schedule fits your lifestyle! Book a tour at our school to start!

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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