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June 8, 2018

What’s Hot This Summer In Hairstyles

Summer In Hairstyles

The top hairstyle trends for the summer of 2018 are designed to showcase your fun side. Hair is meant to not only look beach-ready, but also be styled to hold up during hot and humid weather. Here are the top looks you’ll want to try out.

Elevated Pony

High ponies are perfect for the summer—they are easy to create and also keep you cool during the hottest of days. Give your ponies a little something extra by adding accessories like twisting a bedazzled ribbon through it. Low ponies can also be styled by wrapping the entire length with a silk scarf. A lot of 1990s-inspired styles are also in this season, with scrunchies used to secure ponies.

Dramatic Bobs

Blunt, very angular bobs are expected to be seen everywhere this coming summer. Longer bobs are popular since they give the option to be styled both up and down. Ends for straight bobs can give off a lot of high drama by being cut with a razor instead of scissors. Curly shorter bobs are another summer look to experiment with.

Bangs Are Back

Bangs seem to go in and out of style about as frequently as the seasons change. Bangs are a hit again with micro fringe bangs having a moment. These shorter bangs are cut well above the brow line. If very short bangs aren’t your thing, try out longer whispy bangs for the summer. Choppy side-swept bangs are a low-risk style to test out if you’re looking for a simple and low-maintenance hair makeover.

Micro Braiding

Braids instantly make you feel as if you’re on an island getaway. For this year, smaller braids are in style. Look for twists like leaving the bottom half of longer hair loose while the top half has very tight braids. Longer and looser braids can be used for side ponies or even pinned on top of the crown to create a braided headband.

Sleek and Styled

Damp hair is having a moment right now. Many hairstyles can look as if you just jumped out of the ocean and still have perfect hair. Sleek low ponytails are one option available with damp hair tight against the scalp. Another option is a messy updo with a few wet strands left loose out front. Messy updos are being created by a lot of teasing until a wind blown look is achieved.

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