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February 5, 2015

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Romance – It’s For Love. Do You Have A Career Worth Loving?


A Career Worth Loving

Nothing is worse than the feeling you have when you are trudging to work each day and you’re dreading what’s to come. That’s why having a career you love, working in an open, collaborative, friendly environment, is of utmost importance as you face being a productive member of the workforce for the next several decades. If you love interacting with others and making them feel good about themselves, perhaps you’d be perfect in the beauty and barber school field.

A Career Worth Loving?

From personal to financial benefits, having a job that you love going to each and every day fills you with a sense of self-worth you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re not cut out for the four-year-college-nine-to-five traditional job, getting unique education and training through barber and beauty school can be extremely beneficial to you. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love — it’s about being in love with your life. This involves your personal life, sure, but it also affects your professional life as well. People who love going to work every day report more feelings of happiness and self-esteem, with fewer incidents of depression and higher rates of production and engagement, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Loving What You Do Every Day

There are many reasons loving what you do every day is beneficial. Here are a few, according to Business News Daily:

  • Higher self-esteem, with more likelihood of being rewarded by your boss and your clients
  • The ability to push through the tough times when they do arise
  • Add value to the workplace through motivation and more productive work ethic
  • Better overall health due to reduced stress in daily living
  • Gain the respect of coworkers and clients
  • Make more money and get more frequent raises.


Working In the Beauty & Barber Field

Working in the beauty and barber field in particular offers more rewards than other fields, simply because you are more actively engaged in the people you service on a daily basis. Not only can you help young and old feel better about themselves, you also take something away from those interactions that makes you feel good too. Working just one day at a job you hate — or worse, your entire 50-year working life — is no way to live. Grab what you want.

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