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May 11, 2020

Top 5 Habits of a Successful Stylist

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Successful stylists make it look easy, but rest assured, they are working hard to make it in the beauty industry. To not only succeed as a stylist, but also to remain successful, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to your craft. These five steps can help you develop habits that can take you far in the world of beauty!

1. Be a Style Icon

If you are a stylist, then showing off your talents in your own look can take you places! People will look to you for inspiration on their next haircut, or makeup look. If you show off your talents in your own appearance they’re going to trust you even more!

Some ways that you can do this is to keep your hair on-trend and dress with style. If you wear makeup, then it’s great to showcase your different makeup looks when at work in front of your clients!

Not only is it important to make sure that you are a style icon in the salon, but also a beauty maven on your social media. Keep an active Instagram and Facebook page to showcase not only your personal style but also share amazing looks you created in your salon chair. This can help show people the type of stylist you are and display the incredible work you do!

2. Have Good Customer Service

Being a stylist means working with people for your entire workday. That’s why it’s important to make sure you remain approachable to your guests. Your clients will feel comfortable with you not only as a stylist but as a friend. This will hopefully build a long-lasting relationship. If you project a winning personality, you can attract new clientele through word of mouth.

Man at the barber getting a shave

We all make mistakes, but what’s important is how we treat our clients when things do happen. It’s important to make sure that you treat all of your guests with respect and try to fix any problems that may arise by keeping in mind what’s most important for your business.

3. Keep Learning

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. Even seasoned professionals need to learn about the latest trends and techniques to stay competitive. Advanced education classes are a great way for you to continue learning throughout your career.

Many states, like Florida, require licensed beauty professionals to take continuing education courses to renew their licensure. This is a great way for stylists to continue learning in the world of beauty and keeping up on safety and business practices!

4. Give Back

Successful stylists know the importance of volunteering their services for charitable causes. Not only is it good to give back, but you’re also building up a positive reputation and getting your name out into the community. You could volunteer to do hair at a charity fashion show or host a cut-a-thon at your place of work.

stylist blog drying a clients hair in her salon chair

This can help build your business within the local community and assist those who are in need of a haircut or other beauty service.

5. Educate Customers

Another great habit of a successful stylist is to educate your guests while they are in the chair. Suggest a hair regimen for your client to follow between visits and recommend they book their next appointment before they leave the salon. Instruct them on how to style their new hair cut or maintain their color in the weeks until their next visit. Nurture client relationships to encourage them to come back to you regularly.

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