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September 9, 2018

Top 5 Beauty Trends In Skincare  

Trends In Skincare

To be successful in the beauty industry, you need to consistently stay on top of trends. When new clients call to request the latest and greatest skincare craze, you want to have the know-how to put them on the books. Here are the top five trends you need to have on your radar.

Custom Skincare

The one size fits all model for skincare is no longer acceptable. Skincare products are being custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Beauty brands such as Curology, Bioclarity, and Blend and Boost are using analysis tools to match each person with the exact product they need to address skincare issues. All-over skincare is becoming popular too with clients looking to have beautiful and healthy skin, not only on their faces but from head to toe.

Microbiome Products

For years and years, the majority of skincare products have focused on moisture restoration to fix issues like dry and flaky skin. However, the latest products take things a step further by helping the microbiome on the skin’s surface stay balanced. The microbiome on the skin is made up of microorganisms that work together to keep the skin healthy but can be adversely affected by environmental factors. Working to re-balance the microbiome can reverse common skin problems.

Crystal Skincare

Crystals such as ruby, citrine, and amethyst are popping up in more and more formulations of skincare products. The crystals are being used to create skincare products that have anti-aging and revitalization benefits. Crystal facials are also becoming a highly requested service with applications having a detoxing and purifying effect.

Earth-Friendly Treatments

The popularity of products and treatments that don’t contain harmful ingredients has increased substantially. Natural skincare is very trendy right now and involves the avoidance of ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, silicone, and artificial fragrances. Clients want to use products with labels that state they are non-toxic, all natural, and organic. Popular skincare product brands with natural skincare products include Farmacy, Eminence, and Acure.

Rubber Face Mask

Rubber face masks are a beauty trend that has been popular in Korea for some time but has only recently become more well known stateside. The masks may start out in powder form and then once water is added, they take on a rubber texture. The texture allows for the mask’s ingredients to penetrate the skin’s surface deeper.

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