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July 13, 2020

10 Tips for Balancing Full-Time Work and Part-Time School

Many people dream of pursuing a more creative career but are worried that their current full-time career might get in the way. However, there are many ways to pursue your dream career such as cosmetology or massage therapy while working full time.

At Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy, we are supportive of students who work full time, which is why we offer part-time schedules for our programs. Here are ten tips on how to balance full-time work with part-time school.

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1. Find a School That Fits With Your Work Schedule

Cosmetology schools offer part-time programs for those who hold full-time jobs. If you’re on a 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule, look for schools that offer courses at night during the week. If you work at night, find a school that offers courses during the day. If you work a really long schedule during the week, you can find schools that offer a part-time program on the weekends.

The key here is to find a school program that best fits with your current work schedule. Learn more about our part-time schedules to see if beauty school can fit into your current routine.

2. Use Imagery

You know what you want your future to look like. To keep yourself motivated, find an image that represents your future. It could be a photo of a famous stylist who inspires you, a location you want to live in, a salon you want to work at, or a photo of your kids. Choose an image that you can look at everyday and know why it is important to you to keep pushing forward and succeeding.

3. Get Others to Help Out

Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members to help out. Explain to your friends and family why pursuing this dream is important to you. Ask them to help you with watching the kids, cooking dinner, or cleaning. If it’s help with school, ask friends to help you study and practice your skills. Find out what areas of life you need help with, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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4. Develop a Plan

Develop a plan, write it down and stick with it. Include your daily schedule and your long-term goals. Find out what it takes to become a successful cosmetologist and include those steps in your plan. Once you have an established plan, it’ll be set in stone and you’ll have your path to putting your passion into action.

5. Have a Positive Mindset

While it may seem overwhelming, keep thinking positive. You can do it. A little confidence goes a long way. Don’t be hard on yourself when you are learning a new skill. Have patience and positivity. Take out the images you found in the beginning of this blog, and use those for your motivation.

6. Stay Flexible

Even if you have a plan in place, things may change, and you may have to shift gears a bit. This is why Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy has different schedules to offer. World pandemics, family problems, or other unplanned experiences can occur. Don’t give up on your dreams. Stay flexible and rearrange your plan if need be.

7. Stay on Course

Keep the course. Likely, you’ll be busy with both working and learning, but stay the course. It can be easy to get distracted or let other plans get in the way. Invest in some organization tools such as a planner. Keep a daily schedule of what you need to accomplish and go for it.

8. Reward Yourself Along the Way

Don’t forget to take time to give yourself some kudos for meeting the challenges of working full-time and taking part-time classes. Treat yourself to a sundae or enjoy a stroll in the park. Celebrate each time you accomplish a stepping stone.

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9. Share Your Journey With Others

Let others know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. It’ll reinforce that can-do attitude while letting others know that they can do it too. Start a portfolio to showcase the skills you have learned. You can do this through a website, a look-book, or through social media.

10. Put Your Knowledge to Work

Lastly, once you’ve got the education you need, it’s time to pursue your passion. Go for it. Find your dream job and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

Now that you have the tools to become a successful part-time student and a full-time student, take the steps to enroll in the program of your dreams here at Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy! Book an appointment to get started and find a schedule that works for you.

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