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November 6, 2015

Hot Trends in Hair and Nails This Holiday Season

The Hot Trends in Hair and Nails This Holiday Season

It is that time of year to see which of those fashion trends we saw in Europe came over here during New York Fashion Week. These tend to be the trends that will stick with us during the holidays, perhaps all the way through spring. Regardless of whether the apparel choices from the runway ever catch on, the hair, makeup and nails almost certainly will. This year the looks are often associated with “natural”, no matter how hard we have to work to achieve that natural appearance.

One thing that fashion shows in Europe showed, and continued in America, is a focus on ‘come as you are’ looks for hair. Whether you have longer hair or shorter hair, the current looks are trending towards the appearance of slightly unkempt tresses, or for those of us who are brave enough to get a cut, shorter hair that is easier to manage and requiring less effort. But of course often it can take more effort to make our hair seem to have less effort put into it than it actually did.

Perhaps because shorter hair stands out as a common thread in this winter’s hairstyles, the beehive is back, and if you have finer hair, it can look wonderful. The beehive seems to be popular because it creates a sense of natural or muss to the hair as it drapes across the brow. But it is also a versatile enough style in that it also allows those of us who would like to maintain their hair longer to not have to take the bold step to get it cut, just to match the runway models’ looks focused on shorter, somewhat messy hair.

Another look is to have your hair pulled back on one side and to allow it to hang naturally on the other. The trick here is to keep your hair from looking exactly perfect. While the longer side naturally looks messy, you can create a natural looking messiness in the pulled back side by carefully pulling a few strands loose. This style combines a look of sex appeal with a look of being busy and on the go. No matter what your hair may say about you, the rest of you can be as relaxed as you need to be.

Another technique to create a short haired appearance, without ever cutting it – as used by Miranda Kerr and others – is to put a knot your hair on the very top of your head. This look is especially popular and attractive for those with longer, thinner necks, as this style draws the eyes up from the lines of the neck to focus on your beautiful face and smile.

When nails are considered heading into the holiday season there are two main styles trending this fall and winter. Nails either have a paint splattered look, with multiple colors, often with no discernible geometric shapes, or nails have a mostly nude look with simple eye catching designs, made all the more interesting because the background is painted with more natural tones.

No matter what your face structure, neck structure or hands look like, there is a style that will look good on you this holiday season. Give one a try and soak in the compliments.

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