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May 3, 2015

Seriously Styling Moms for Mothers’ Day

Styling Moms

You’ve always taken pride in your ability to maintain your own personal style and sophistication through many challenges and opportunities during your life. Never compromising, you’ve conquered, and quite often you’ve employed your style as part of your set of secret weapons to accomplish your goals.

We Are Styling Moms

However, becoming a mother sets up a whole new series of challenges. One of the most common is to find time to just be able to do the basic tasks. But when it comes to your hair motherhood does not mean you have to resign yourself to a frumpy cut or a boring old ponytail.

With a bit of preplanning you can set yourself up with just the right cut that will allow you to maintain your style with minimal requirements on your time. The key here is practicality. Ask your stylist for a cut that will minimize the use of product, heat and air.

Fortunately you also do not have to be concerned that there is only that one-size-fits-all cut for moms. Your know your own style and you should not feel compelled to forgo that to be the stylish mom you know you can be.

Shorter Hair Styles

For the styling moms that prefer a shorter style, request your stylist to give you a slightly longer version of the pixie cut. You can also add some side swept bangs for flair. This cut takes no time in the morning and is easy to maintain between touch-ups.

Medium To Longer Hair Styles

If your style calls for medium long hair request your stylist for minimal to no layers. For a great look with this cut add some volume at the roots before smoothing the rest. And finally, for those preferring the youthful look of longer locks, request your stylist for long layers to animate your hair around your face.

The longer look might surprise you as one of the easier to style by yourself. Just blow dry with a large round brush, and if time allows you can add a few touch-ups to the ends with a flat iron. Or if you want to show off your natural waves apply a sea salt spray along the length to the ends, scrunch, and let it air dry. Talk about a time saver!

So, indeed, with a bit of planning, with practicality in mind, you could be seriously styling this coming mothers’ day.


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