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June 3, 2016

Loving What You Do Is The First Step In a Long Successful Career

Long Successful Career

Your life is going to hopefully be very long. You know what makes your world a better place to live in? Having the right career where you can pursue something you are happy and passionate doing. Getting up everyday to doing something you dislike is going to make for a long, but unfulfilling life.

There is a choice in careers that has brought many people financial and personal success. That career is through a beauty and barber school. As a graduate you be on a path to the career of your dreams. You could even open up your own salon or shop to be your own boss one day, once you have the training and experience you need to master the craft of hair in all its glory.

Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy will teach you all the techniques in cutting, color, styling, and barbery that will give you the skills you need in this industry. Take a closer look at this video by famed stylist Tabatha Coffey on American Salon Magazine, which explains exactly why someone would choose to enter this exciting industry. Ask yourself these few questions in order to determine if this career discovery is exactly right for you.

Have You Always Loved Doing Hair?

This is an easy one to answer. Do you love doing your own hair? Or maybe you have always enjoyed doing your friends’ and family’s hair? If you are fascinated with the subject of hair, and all it entails through styles, tips on doing it, and products galore, then you might just be the right fit for a career doing hair. The science of hair styling is an amazing craft with many facets to learn. Be able to cut and color to the height of any new trend that comes along when you have a solid core foundation of education.

Do You Eagerly Look Over The Latest Hair Trends?

If you routinely scour the fashion magazines for the hottest in hair fashions straight off the runways of New York City, Paris, and Milan, then you know that this is an aspect of the industry you are highly interested in. Do you look at the celebrity styles on their red carpet appearances. Hair is such a varied and unique way to showcase personal style. It doesn’t get any more fun than changing up a style’s cut or color. It’s an art form like no other.

Were You a Child Who Loved Doing Doll Hair?

Tabatha Coffey talks about how when she was a little girl she was “mesmerized” by hair. She’d play endlessly with her dolls’ hair, friends’, and anyone’s hair she could get her hands on. Remember those old school Barbie head dolls? That gave her a clue that a career as a hairstylist might be right for her. The transformative part of hair styling was what appealed greatly to her. The ability that a hair stylist had to change a person’s outlook through their hair was something to aspire to. Have you ever felt that you could touch people in this way? Once you have the skills you need, because you know your desire is right on target, you will be on your way to a rewarding career in the hair and salon industry.

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