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April 14, 2023

Are you looking to become a massage therapist in Florida? Massage therapy is an important and rewarding profession that can provide relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, improved circulation, and more. With the right education and training requirements — becoming a licensed massage therapist in Florida is possible. Explore this blog post to learn all about what it takes to pursue your career as a massage therapist in the Sunshine State.

Education and Training Requirements


To become a beauty professional, you must meet certain qualifications. To be eligible to pursue a career in massage therapy, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or have received a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • Completed a course of study at a board-approved massage therapy school that meets standards adopted by the board
  • Received a passing grade on a national examination designated by the board
  • Apply for a license

Once certified, you can now be able to work with clients professionally. Becoming a massage therapist in Florida can be achieved with proper education and instruction. To ensure you meet the state’s licensure needs, there are 3 essential steps needed. The first is to enroll in the right program!

Step 1: Enroll In A Program

The first step to becoming a massage therapist is to enroll in a program! It’s essential to do your research and find a program that fits your schedule, your needs, and is an approved program.

About Our Massage Therapy Program

Our massage therapy program is 600 clock hours and takes approximately 4 to 7 months to complete. Students can expect to learn:

  • Effective communication skills, visual poise, and proper grooming
  • Delivering worthy service for value in an employer/employee relationship
  • Skills in the area of massage
  • Analytical skills to determine the best possible service for each client based on analysis
  • To apply learned theory, technical information, and related matter to assure sound judgements, decisions, and procedures

Step 2: Pass Your Exam

After you’ve graduated from your program, the next step is th pass your exam! It’s important to research what types of questions will be asked on the test and brush up on relevant knowledge prior to taking it. Many students find studying for the exam with friends or classmates helps them stay motivated and focused during this time. In the exam, you can expect to be tested on:

  • Modalities, Techniques, and Manual Forces (20%)
  • Applied Science (25%)
  • Communication and Documentation (15%)
  • Professionalism and Ethics (10%)
  • Laws and Business Practices (5%)
  • Client Assessment and Treatment (25%)

For a study guide, click here.

Step 3: Apply For Your License

To become licensed in Florida, there is an application process that must be completed and passed with satisfactory results.

The application process includes providing proof of completion from an accredited beauty school program, passing your exam, submitting a background check, and paying any applicable fees.

License Renewal

Licenses need to be renewed biennially in order to maintain the right to practice. Renewal processes typically involve submitting updated paperwork as well as continuing education credits that demonstrate ongoing proficiency in your chosen field.

Remaining knowledgeable on the newest fads and approaches is a must for those in the beauty industry, making continuing education an indispensable part of their career. Continuing education courses can cover topics such as safety protocols, product knowledge updates, and industry trends so that professionals can remain current in their field of expertise while also meeting all necessary licensing requirements at renewal time.

Completing the state licensure requirements is an important step in becoming a massage therapist in Florida. Maintaining awareness of the continuing ed prerequisites for massage therapists is imperative in order to guarantee you stay informed about all relevant data.

Key Takeaway: Remaining knowledgeable on the newest fads and approaches is a must for those in the beauty industry, making continuing education an indispensable part of their career.

Ready To Become A Massage Therapist?

If you’re looking to become a massage therapist in Florida, Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy can help. Our instructors are experienced professionals who can teach you the techniques necessary for success in this field. With our unique massage therapy program available at both our Lakeland and Tampa campus locations, we have been providing quality education since 1985. We welcome those eager to embark on a career in beauty to reach out and begin their journey toward mastery. We can’t wait to meet you!

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