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March 6, 2015

How Sports Fans Use Hair Design To Support Their Teams

USF Bulls and Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Hair Design

Artistic Nails & Beauty Student Hair Design – Barber Program

With March Madness starting on March 17, and the opening of the MLB season right around the corner, sports fans want to show off their team spirit. What better way than to have the logo of a favorite team shaved into the back or side of your head? Barbers and hair stylists are artists in their own rights with the ability to manipulate hair into many different designs.

Any design can be shaved into the hair on your head. You’re not limited to logos. Many people have the images of players designed on their heads or even in their facial hair. The names of a team or the image of a mascot are also options to show off your love of the sport

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hair Design

2012 Artistic Nails & Beauty Student – Barber Program

Take your hair design one step further with beautiful hair art colors. A special color spray goes on easily and washes out when you’re ready to clean up. It’s not like a traditional hair spray, but a product that goes on like a powder, so it won’t mess up the clippers. Use the colors of your favorite team to highlight the design and really get into the action.

It just takes a few minutes more than a normal haircut, so make sure to allow some extra time to get a sports design. Once the games are over, it’s easy to have the design shaved off with a pair of clippers, so you can go back to a professional and classic look. Or, if you like, you can choose to keep it until your hair grows out.

There are few limits to which designs can be shaved in your hair. It just takes a talented barber or hair stylist willing to take the time to learn new trends in the industry to transform you into a sports fanatic. This modern and ornate hair styling is a great way to show your personality.

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