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June 26, 2019

Summer is all about that effortless beauty routine with sun-kissed cheeks and bronzed skin. Although the natural look is a great choice for summer, there are other trends for those who feel more daring or want to add a pop of color to their neutrals. Any way you go, we have trends for every mood you’re in or activity you are doing!

Subtle Neon

Do you love neon colors? Want to use them in your makeup routine without looking extra bold? This summer we have a trend for neon-lovers! Put a pop of any neon color in the corner of your eyes, use it as your eyeliner, or apply an under-the-eye neon liner for a subtle yet bright way to make your makeup pop. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral so all the attention is on the neon color. Try it out! This look will keep you interesting without saying too much all summer long!

Woman with bright eyeshadow.

Rosy Tones

We’ve all experienced that warm, shimmering skin from being out in the sun all day. The pink in your cheeks gives you the feeling of summer, but have you thought about what the sun is doing to your skin? One tip for healthy skin is limiting the time you are outside. Summer activities can be a lot of fun but taking the time to do activities or relax indoors can help your skin stay hydrated.

Woman with natural rosy makeup.

How do you get that rosy skin that we all love without the sun? You’re in luck – rosy tones are in this summer which means you can get a faux, rosy look without damaging your skin in the sun. Create this look by applying a rose-colored blush onto your cheeks. If you want a little more, don’t be scared to apply a more neutral pink lipstick or some rose-colored eyeshadow. By using rosy tones in your makeup, you will have that sun-kissed look all day without having your skin take the heat!

Brushed Out Brows

It looks like the perfectly filled in, bold, “Instagram” brows are leaving this summer and natural and fluffy brows are headed this way. Summer is all about low-maintenance beauty, especially with all the fun activities that are going on. Easy, fast techniques for getting ready means more time to relax and have fun!

Woman with natural eyebrows.

To get “brushed out brows” you need to toss the tweezer. No more worrying about plucking hairs every time you put on makeup. If you want to give those brows added volume, the more unplaced hairs the better. By simply brushing the hairs upward, you can create the fluffy and feathery look that’s perfect for summer days by the pool or on an outdoor adventure. Using a tinted gel brush will help the hairs set so they stay in place all day long. It also adds just a little bit of visible product to keep the brows looking natural.

Color Splash

Another trend this summer is all about that pop of color! Whether it’s on your eyes, lips, or both! It’s time to get playful with your palette and try some bold and bright colors. If you need some inspiration, think about all the colors of the rainbow. Pick a color and go from there. Some options are going bold on your eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara, as well as on your lips with lip liner and lipstick. A key to using bright colors is to choose an area and keep the other areas simple. Go bold but not out of control bold. For example, add a bright green eyeshadow to your eyes and keep your lips a neutral color, or do the reverse with bright purple lipstick and natural tones for eyeshadow. This will definitely make your face pop even more and create the perfect color splash for your upcoming summer fun!

Woman with sunglasses and bright lipstick.

Glow Products

Keeping your skin healthy is important for creating that natural glow. Priming and taking care of your skin before applying anything else will help your skin stay hydrated and look fresh all day long. This can be done by applying moisturizer, taking shorter showers, and drinking more water to prevent dehydration.

Woman with glowing makeup.

To create a “glowy” and radiant look with makeup there are a lot of options, ranging from powder and highlighter to liquid drops. When deciding on which product to use, it is important to know your skin type. For normal to dry skin, cream, liquid and powder highlights are for you. If you have normal to oily skin, a stick is the best choice. For mature and dehydrated skin, liquid drops are the way to go. Once you figure out your skin type and get the right product, you will be ready to create that dewy skin that everyone is talking about!

Do You Love Beauty?

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