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October 4, 2016

Famous Female Barbers

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Being a female barber is an unusual occupation. You would normally think of barbers as male, but not anymore. There are a variety of amazing female barbers that are taking the world of hair by storm. As a graduate of our beauty and barber school, the list of alumni is growing everyday. Some of those are achieving fame for their amazing work in the art of hair, doing barber style cuts that are anything but ordinary. Exceptional work is their specialty, and no one personifies this more than Tina Sapia. As a graduate of our school, we are proud to bring you her profile. You can even see her do live barber events on her Facebook webpage, cutting hair in a way that you’ve never seen before.

Tina Sapia grew up in the Lawrence, Massachusetts area, but now makes her home in Florida. She came to barber school a little later in her life, only finding her true passion in her 30’s. As a member of The Barber Society, Sapia is able to gain inspiration and experience from others in her field. Coming up with new artistic designs to give to her clients is part of her passion in this chosen field of work that she excels in. Her motto is “work harder and smarter!” In order to get her hair license she managed to go to work a full schedule and juggle school all at the same time. No one can ever accuse Sapia of not being a hard worker.

The artistic detail in her barber work is incredible. Her background has always been as an artist who loved to put pencil to paper, drawing amazing designs. Realizing that she could apply this to barber work is quite an accomplishment. She’s able to buzz those same intricate designs into that fine layer of hair along a person’s scalp in a manner that is nothing short of genius. Her shop “Sapia’s Barber Shop” in Clearwater, Florida, is routinely booked well in advance with happy clients going in and out all day long. You can check out some of her fine work in photos that are listed on her website, make an appointment, and even see a full list of services her shop offers. They are open five days a week, being closed on Monday and Sunday like most salon establishments.

Her online presence is also strong. More than 3000 people follow her on Facebook. Sapia also posts videos and still shots of some of her hair design work. If you see a style she’s done that you like, she can easily replicate it for you, or come up with something completely new. That’s part of the benefit of her work, endless creativity that keeps her fresh in the game of hair styling. As one of the notable few female barbers in the industry, she’s paving the way for fellow females to follow in her footsteps. You’ll feel lucky if she gets her hands and tools on your head! Her unmistakable style is unique. Those trademark black rimmed glasses, the pompadour hair, and of course her winning smile are just a few things that make Sapia one of the most sought after barbers in the industry.

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