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What’s Hot This Summer In Hairstyles

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What’s Hot This Summer In Hairstyles

Summer In Hairstyles

The top hairstyle trends for the summer of 2018 are designed to showcase your fun side. Hair is meant to not only look beach-ready, but also be styled to hold up during hot and humid weather. Here are the top looks you’ll want to try out.

Elevated Pony

High ponies are perfect for the summer—they are easy to create and also keep you cool during the hottest of days. Give your ponies a little something extra by adding accessories like twisting a bedazzled ribbon through it. Low ponies can also be styled by wrapping the entire length with a silk scarf. A lot of 1990s-inspired styles are also in this season, with scrunchies used to secure ponies.

Dramatic Bobs

Blunt, very angular bobs are expected to be seen everywhere this coming summer. Longer bobs are popular since they give the option to be styled both up and down. Ends for straight bobs can give off a lot of high drama by being cut with a razor instead of scissors. Curly shorter bobs are another summer look to experiment with.

Bangs Are Back

Bangs seem to go in and out of style about as frequently as the seasons change. Bangs are a hit again with micro fringe bangs having a moment. These shorter bangs are cut well above the brow line. If very short bangs aren’t your thing, try out longer whispy bangs for the summer. Choppy side-swept bangs are a low-risk style to test out if you’re looking for a simple and low-maintenance hair makeover.

Micro Braiding

Braids instantly make you feel as if you’re on an island getaway. For this year, smaller braids are in style. Look for twists like leaving the bottom half of longer hair loose while the top half has very tight braids. Longer and looser braids can be used for side ponies or even pinned on top of the crown to create a braided headband.

Sleek and Styled

Damp hair is having a moment right now. Many hairstyles can look as if you just jumped out of the ocean and still have perfect hair. Sleek low ponytails are one option available with damp hair tight against the scalp. Another option is a messy updo with a few wet strands left loose out front. Messy updos are being created by a lot of teasing until a wind blown look is achieved.

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Men’s Hair and Beard Styles

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Men’s Hair and Beard Styles

March Madness is here and we are ready to focus on the latest men’s hairstyles and beards on and off the court. Expect to see more natural hairstyles and beards as the weather warms up. Although looks will remain polished, gone are the days of over stylized hair.

Medium Length Hair

For years, men’s hair length seemed to fall into one of two categories: short or long. With medium-length spring styles, the cuts are meant to complement the man’s natural hairline while showcasing texture. Razor cuts made on a 45-degree angle and doing some notching will create movement and texture for men.

Edgy Crop

Crop cuts are making a comeback for March Madness, but expect plenty of unique flair added to the style. Crops will have fine line details that are playfully called “cat scratches.” Fades will be slightly higher as a way to make the top of the crop look longer. Adding a Technicolor shade like neon green or orange to cropped hair will also be hot this season.

Longer Side Part

For those men who are looking for a more classic style, they will like a cut with medium hair growth that has a longer length side part. To keep the longer hair from appearing unkempt, clean tapering will be done around the sideburns, nape and close to the hairline.

Long Full Beard

Men will have to take a few months to fully grow out their beards and the final look will depend on how the beard fills in. A full beard still needs regular maintenance. This involves trimming the sides while letting the chin hairs grow longer. The mustache hairs will also need regular trimming to avoid covering the lips. Men will need to apply a beard lotion daily to stop any itching. A product like beard balm is also essential to keep any stray hairs in place.

Reverse Fade

Not all men can grow a full, burly beard. For a fun take on a shorter beard style, you can do a reverse faded beard. With this type of beard, the fade faces the opposite direction of the sideburns. To achieve this, you will trim a blunt line between the sideburns and start of the beard and then trim about 1 cm off of the longer facial hair so it goes at a steady pace from short to long.

Interested in mastering the art of men’s cuts and styles? The Artistic Nails & Beauty offer educational programs for individuals looking to break into the beauty and barber industry.

Halloween: When Hairstyles Becomes Your Costume

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Halloween: When Hairstyles Becomes Your Costume

Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween. Time to let your inner desires materialize in costume form. We pay so much attention, however, to the costumes and makeup that we often neglect hair. That’s too bad, because hairstyles can make or break a costume. In fact, hairstyles can be your costume! It can make you prettier or, indeed, scarier.

Sleek and Pretty: Hairstyles for the Princess

If you intend to be a princess, or even certain superheroes, then you may want pretty hair. For the superhero in you, you may want the lush free flowing hair. Smooth, big waves with a deep side part will work well. For the princess, you’ll want braids and more braids. Wrap braids around in a bun, or let a fishtail braid run down your back. For an added twist, clip on a spider for extra Halloween effect.

But maybe you’re the unicorn or Pegasus, a pet for the princess, if so, you can start with temporary rainbow hair dye and then create a horn in the front center of your head, or ears off to the side of your head, but starting with small buns and wrapping your hair around them, using small sections at a time. To top any hairstyle off, you can sprinkle on rainbow glitter to sparkle your way from house to house trick or treating.

Super Fun Scary: Hairstyles for the Ghoul

So, you don’t have to be a ghoul. You could be a zombie, a skeleton, even Maleficent to chase the princesses running around with their sweet smiles and beautiful hair. Whatever you are, hairstyle matters. What you’ll need are accessories, temporary hair color dye and a lot of mousse or other hair product to create “effects.”

Every Halloween store you visit has an abundance of hair accessories and temporary hair dye in spray or gel form. Whether your hair is braided, free flowing, or suspended in air, accessories can enhance the fun: from headbands (horn headbands to wrap hair around for Maleficent horns), to creepy crawly clips (spiders spinning a web), to accessories not specifically for hair (think: plastic snakes slipping in and out of braids for a Medusa look). For the monster in you, you’ll want to turn your hair color into something metallic, silvery or a steely blue. The sprays are good but the gel allows you to style your hair while dyeing it.

Whatever you do this Halloween, your hairstyle will set you apart from the rest. Take a few minutes to plan – even practice – and then on the night of All Hallows’ Eve, prepare yourself.

Additional Resources for Halloween Hairstyles:

Creative Career

Interested in a creative career? Check out the programs available at Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy.

Fall 2017 Beauty Trends You Need To Know

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Fall 2017 Beauty Trends You Need To Know

Fall 2017 Beauty Trends

Although we’re sad to see summer go, fall is practically around the corner. With cooling temperatures, beauty trends will inevitably change. Expect to see lots of neutral shades in hair, nails, and makeup styles. Another trend to watch out for this fall: classic designs with a modern twist.


One of the biggest surprises you’ll see this fall when it comes to hair is the reemergence of the bow. Don’t think over the top patterned bows pinned to the top of the hair, but a subtler look like a low ponytail tied loosely with a simple bow. Black shiny bows are particularly in style this season and were seen all over the runway when designers premiered their Fall 2017 collections.

Retro waves are expected to make a big comeback with women wearing curls, long and loose. For girls with a natural curl, bangs are an option to consider. Even if you have tighter curls, you could leave a few wispy bangs to hang out front.

Deep side parts will also be another trend to watch this coming fall. After the part, hair can be pulled to the back tightly for an easy, polished look. Pin the hair loosely for a more casual style.


Fall nail color will be much darker and more dramatic than summertime manicures. The best place for color inspiration can be found through OPI’s new Fall 2017 line titled Iceland. Standout colors in the collection include icy blues, deep purples, and sparkling browns.

Metallic designs will be popular this fall—especially gold and silver accents on top of deep reds and browns. Trendsetters will also be looking for new ways to add more texture to nails including 3D accents, fringe, and chrome topcoats. Abstract designs will be more popular on nails—allowing nail technicians to stretch their creative muscles. Split nails and half moon manicures are also expected to become trendy this fall.


Lips will be the focal point when it comes to autumn makeup looks. Bold colors, such as deep plum and ruby red, will be wildly popular. Lip liner in a shade darker will make lipstick standout even more.

Smoky eyes are always in style, but the new twist will include an unexpected splash of color, such as yellow or orange eye shadow. Metallic shadows, especially gold shades, will make a major comeback this season. With the boldness of the eyes and lips, little to no makeup will be used on the cheekbones.

Do you have a passion for following beauty trends? Learn what career opportunities are awaiting you by visiting our Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy website.

Top Five Hair Stylists To Follow on Instagram

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Top Five Stylists To Follow on Instagram

Hair Stylist To Follow on Instagram

Need some inspiration? If you are just getting started in your career as a stylist, a new graduate, or even a student, and are looking to stay inspired every day, we have gathered the top five stylists to follow on Instagram to give you your morning kick.

Tracey Cunningham

Tracy has an incredible story. She started out as Bette Midler’s Nanny and emerged into a top celebrity stylist. BTW- Bette Midler actually paid for her to go the beauty school! Her list of celebs includes Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and many more.

Tracey is Redken’s creative consultant for color, co-owner of Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills, and currently travels around the country with her educational forums.

We love Tracey’s Instagram feed because she gives us insight into the work that she is doing and shares her color techniques. 

I l you and your #pinkhair @busyphilipps #olaplex and @jasonpaulhair for helping

A post shared by Tracey Cunningham (@traceycunningham1) on

Ursula Stephen

Another amazing celebrity stylist and salon owner with clients including Mary J. Blige and Rihanna. Ursula always knew hair was her passion and has been a licensed stylist since graduating high school.

We find Ursula’s Instagram feed inspirational as we follow her travels around the world doing hair. Recently she was at the Cannes Festival in France and the Met Gala in New York. She gives us something to reach for.

Jen Atkin

Not only is Jen Atkin a celebrity stylist but the New York Times has called her “The Most Influential Hairstylist in the World”. Jen has over 2 million followers just on Instagram, and we understand why. She shares advice, how-tos, inspirational quotes, and fun tidbits with her followers.

Atkin has launched her own products line, OUAI, released a range of Beauty Works hair extensions, a line of hair accessories, and started, a digital magazine that has stories, how-to videos, workshops, celebrity contributors, and that allows readers to share content from across the world.

Chris McMillan

The creator of “The Rachel”, the hairstyle from the TV show Friends that defined the 90’s, Chris McMillan is the quintessential California Stylist. His salon in Beverly Hills caters to celebrities wanting the laid back, sexy, beachy looks that Chris has created.

Following Chris on Instagram means seeing all those wonderful looks he is creating today for the red carpet and the numerous magazine covers.

@alexilubomirski @mrchrismcmillan #blackandwhitephoto #tattoo #raw #notouchup #gay #50 #documentlife #love

A post shared by C H R I S M C M I L L A N (@mrchrismcmillan) on

Ted Gibson

Known for his editorial and runway work, Ted Gibson’s work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Allure, and many more. He has worked New York Fashion week for designer labels such as Pamella Roland, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Lela Rose.

Ted is fun to follow.  He is an educator and an inspiration for the craft which he loves. Seeing his creations leaves us stunned.

These are our top pics for Instagram accounts to follow. Inspiration here we come!

Top 5 Hair Trends for 2017

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Top 5 Hair Trends for 2017

Hair Trends for 2017

Throughout 2016, there was certainly no shortage of fun and unique hair trends. From the ombre color to the return of the angled bob, there’s a good chance you tried something new with your own hair last year. Now that 2017 is here, we’re ringing in the new year with some bold new hair trend predictions!

The “Grown-Out” Look

This will be a new favorite color go-to for those of us with roots that are too laborious to maintain. The grown-out look, also known fondly as “bronde,” is a combination of blonde and brown. Hair is colored blonde at the ends and remains darker at the roots, with the colors fading gradually into each other. Think of it as a more natural and subtle version of the ombre!

Blunt Bangs Are Back

If you’ve been growing out your bangs, now might be the time to reach for the scissors once again. Blunt bangs are back, especially for those with oval or rounded face shapes, who can really pull off this dynamic look. Thinner and wispier blunt bangs will be big in 2017 and we’re excited about it!

Break Out the Straightener

Sleek and straight hair will once again make it big in 2017. Short, long, or in between—it doesn’t matter! Everybody can pull off the straight-hair look. Just make sure your hair is healthy if you choose to straighten it on a regular basis; fried ends and damaged hair are never trendy. A heat-protecting spray goes a long way in preventing damage.

Layered Cuts With Major Volume

We also anticipate that this year will be all about the layers! Fun, heavily layered looks with lots of dimension and volume will take the world by storm. This goes for cuts and styles of all lengths. Shorter layers and choppy ends will make for a fun and edgy look.

Deep Side Parts

Forget the subtle side bang. We’re talking deep side parts in 2017. Specifically, we’re beginning to see many women changing up their natural part to the opposite side to create some seriously impressive volume without the need for products.

From color to cut and style trends, these are a few of our predictions for 2017. Only the next 12 months will reveal the year’s hottest hair trends, but we think these are a pretty safe bet, given what we’re already seeing this early on.

Hottest Hair Trends 2016

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Hottest Hair Trends 2016

Hottest Hair Trends 2016

Beauty buffs are always looking for ways to ring in the year with early adoption of up and coming style trends. Today, we’ve gathered up some of the hottest looks in hair styles and color that are forecast to be huge in 2016. If you want to try out these styles on yourself, or practice them now to offer the latest cuts and color with confidence, have a look at our hair trends 2016 forecast.

Hair Color Trends 2016

  • Pale pink and blue accents – Color gurus Pantone just anointed not one but two colors of the year – Serenity and Rose Quartz, playful blue and pink hues that are anything but babyish. It’s time for mermaid hair to move over and make way for light, whimsical hues like these. Gigi Hadid and Miranda Lambert are among the celeb adoptees of this look.
  • Babylights – This highlights style goes super micro for max impact. For multidimensional color and highlights that look like you were born with them, ask for babylights.
  • Ronze – shorthand for copper red plus bronze brown – is the hottest red hue of 2016. Women with cool complexions or dark skin can try blue-based ronzes, while those with fairer complexions should pick a pink or yellowish ronze hue. All-over color works best for ronze styles.


Hair Style Trends 2016

  • Texturized lob – In 2016, expect to see the lob or long bob embrace texture. Short, shoulder-length ‘dos with a little bit of chop and shag, texturized lobs are low maintenance and major fun for all textures of hair.
  • Modern pixie – Asymmetry is out for 2016, with the new short hair trend being a modern pixie cut that keeps hair framing the face an even length. Varying lengths around the nape of the neck, ears, and top allow you to personalize this short cut while showing serious It Girl glam.
  • Angled curls – It’s all about geometry for curly hair. A wedge cut or stacked lob keeps it short in the back and playfully long up front, showing off your curls. A trapezoid shape has more weight on the top and tapers toward the bottom, giving you lots of length to play with if you like to shake up your look. Take celeb inspiration from Solange Knowles.
  • Long fringe – Bangs are still front and center for 2016, although fashion-forward ladies tend to wear their bangs long and parted. Think of them more like face framing layers than eyebrow-skimming heavyweights. A stylist can help you transition from fringe-heavy to long fringe looks, avoiding that awkward grown out period.


What other styles are on your radar for 2016?

Seriously Styling Moms for Mothers’ Day

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Seriously Styling Moms for Mothers’ Day

Styling Moms

You’ve always taken pride in your ability to maintain your own personal style and sophistication through many challenges and opportunities during your life. Never compromising, you’ve conquered, and quite often you’ve employed your style as part of your set of secret weapons to accomplish your goals.

We Are Styling Moms

However, becoming a mother sets up a whole new series of challenges. One of the most common is to find time to just be able to do the basic tasks. But when it comes to your hair motherhood does not mean you have to resign yourself to a frumpy cut or a boring old ponytail.

With a bit of preplanning you can set yourself up with just the right cut that will allow you to maintain your style with minimal requirements on your time. The key here is practicality. Ask your stylist for a cut that will minimize the use of product, heat and air.

Fortunately you also do not have to be concerned that there is only that one-size-fits-all cut for moms. Your know your own style and you should not feel compelled to forgo that to be the stylish mom you know you can be.

Shorter Hair Styles

For the styling moms that prefer a shorter style, request your stylist to give you a slightly longer version of the pixie cut. You can also add some side swept bangs for flair. This cut takes no time in the morning and is easy to maintain between touch-ups.

Medium To Longer Hair Styles

If your style calls for medium long hair request your stylist for minimal to no layers. For a great look with this cut add some volume at the roots before smoothing the rest. And finally, for those preferring the youthful look of longer locks, request your stylist for long layers to animate your hair around your face.

The longer look might surprise you as one of the easier to style by yourself. Just blow dry with a large round brush, and if time allows you can add a few touch-ups to the ends with a flat iron. Or if you want to show off your natural waves apply a sea salt spray along the length to the ends, scrunch, and let it air dry. Talk about a time saver!

So, indeed, with a bit of planning, with practicality in mind, you could be seriously styling this coming mothers’ day.


Looking for a career that gives you flexible hours and a good income? Love style and making others feel good? A cosmetology education might be right for you. To find out more schedule a visit to one of our campuses. Full and part-time schedules available. Financial Aid Available for those who qualify. For Tampa call (813) 654-4529 for Lakeland call (863) 682-4247 or book an appointment online.

How Sports Fans Use Hair Design To Support Their Teams

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How Sports Fans Use Hair Design To Support Their Teams

USF Bulls and Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Hair Design

Artistic Nails & Beauty Student Hair Design – Barber Program

With March Madness starting on March 17, and the opening of the MLB season right around the corner, sports fans want to show off their team spirit. What better way than to have the logo of a favorite team shaved into the back or side of your head? Barbers and hair stylists are artists in their own rights with the ability to manipulate hair into many different designs.

Any design can be shaved into the hair on your head. You’re not limited to logos. Many people have the images of players designed on their heads or even in their facial hair. The names of a team or the image of a mascot are also options to show off your love of the sport

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hair Design

2012 Artistic Nails & Beauty Student – Barber Program

Take your hair design one step further with beautiful hair art colors. A special color spray goes on easily and washes out when you’re ready to clean up. It’s not like a traditional hair spray, but a product that goes on like a powder, so it won’t mess up the clippers. Use the colors of your favorite team to highlight the design and really get into the action.

It just takes a few minutes more than a normal haircut, so make sure to allow some extra time to get a sports design. Once the games are over, it’s easy to have the design shaved off with a pair of clippers, so you can go back to a professional and classic look. Or, if you like, you can choose to keep it until your hair grows out.

There are few limits to which designs can be shaved in your hair. It just takes a talented barber or hair stylist willing to take the time to learn new trends in the industry to transform you into a sports fanatic. This modern and ornate hair styling is a great way to show your personality.

Looking to get an original hair design? Stop by our guest services clinic. Looking to create an original hair design? Complete the form to request a school tour.


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