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April 11, 2020

Why Consider Changing Careers to the Beauty Industry?

People doing hair in a salon.

If you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, it’s probably time for a career change. One of the most rewarding switches you can make is launching a new career in the beauty industry.

Some of the best parts of the beauty industry is the variety! Love nails? Become a nail technician! Prefer to craft gorgeous hairstyles? A future in cosmetology may be for you. But first, you have to decide why you want to make the switch.

Why Do You Want to Change Careers?

If you aren’t satisfied in the career you’re in, you’re not alone! Studies show that around 21% of Americans are eager to change careers. With so many careers to choose from, you can explore different jobs that could work for you. You can choose a career that keeps you on your feet all day long or you can learn to showcase products to others that help you look and feel good.

Here are a few common questions that you may want to ask yourself to decide if a career change to the beauty industry may be right for you:

  • Are you happy with your pay?
  • Do you find yourself often stressed at work?
  • Do you have opportunities to advance your career?
  • Are you satisfied with your job?
  • Do you enjoy your work schedule?

It’s never too late to change careers—even if you’ve been at your job for more than 10 years! If you have a drive for something more, consider exploring other options. You could find a career that challenges you to grow and progress. You could also find a job where you can help others. What you’re looking for is up to you!

Jobs in the beauty industry may provide the freedom you’re looking for. If you’ve been in the same position for a decade and you’re not feeling challenged or rewarded, it’s time to move on. It could be a good way to achieve some of your long-term goals.

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Woman smiling while blowdrying hair.

Why Make the Switch to a Career in Beauty?

A job as a stylist or barber offers many benefits that your current career may be lacking. A few key reasons include:

You Can Choose a Flexible Schedule

Stylists and barbers have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. You can work part-time, full-time, weekends and evenings depending on your availability. Since stylists are in high demand, you can reduce your commute too since you’re likely to find plenty of local salons.

If you choose to open up your own salon as your own boss, you can control your appointment schedule.

You Can Work With People Who Love What You Do

Do you love the feeling of a good haircut? Your guests may, too! Clients can appreciate the hard work you do for them. As you build your network, you can work with people who love what you do and return the kindness with good reviews or referrals. The beauty industry could be right for you if you thrive on that kind of support.

You Can Grow In Your Career

Careers in the beauty industry leave plenty of room for growth. You may start out as a part-time stylist and move up to salon owner. You could also find opportunities to be a stylist for fashion shoots, movie sets or runway shows. Where you choose to grow is up to you.

You could even choose to go back to beauty school to further your education and expand your services. If you’re already a licensed beauty professional, such as a nail technician, consider learning more and becoming an esthetician or cosmetologist. What you learn is up to you!

Showing off nails painted white.

You Can Love Your Job

You can feel good about your job because you can make a difference while experiencing a varied and exciting day-to-day life. Each client is different which allows for new challenges daily. You can feel good knowing you are using your talents to make someone beautiful. One of the biggest advantages of entering the beauty industry is feeling like you can help people feel comfortable in their own skin. It can make your career very fulfilling!

Does the Beauty Industry Sound Right for You?

Artistic Nails & Beauty can help you seamlessly switch gears and break into the beauty industry. Programs are available at our Lakeland and Tampa locations. Make an appointment with one of our admissions representatives for more information and to schedule a tour!

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