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August 3, 2016

Brazilian Beauty: Beauty Trends from Brazil

Brazilian Beauty

The Olympics are about to take place in sunny Rio. In honor of this important event let’s take a look at some of the better beauty trends that have come from this amazing area of the world. Brazil has long been known as a hotbed of interesting beauty ideas. The women there are without a doubt some of the most beautiful people on the planet, and they take their beauty routines very seriously. Here are some trends that are definitely Brazilian beauty at its finest.

Brazilian Hair Straightening

This keratin based treatment was the answer to millions of women’s frizzy hair issues. A smoothing treatment that is semi-permanent and last until your hair grows out? Many people still sign up for this salon treatment every three to four months or so, even though the service is not cheap – with costs usually starting at $150. It came to the United States around the year 2006, so Americans have had a good ten years of flawlessly textured hair, blown out to perfection, when they submit to this service.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

The Brazilian women are known to adore their “teeny tiny itty bitty” bikinis and love to flaunt their bodies on the beaches in Rio. So it’s only natural that they would have pioneered this waxing method that takes it all off. Seriously. All of your hair, down there, gone in one painful session. It does make the area quite smooth and bikini ready, if you dare to have it done.

Amazing Skin

The women of Brazil are also known for their glowing, perfect skin. So they are always up on the latest body skin care to make their skin smooth as silk. Plus, they truly believe that improving your circulation is the key to great looking skin, so they champion massage treatments on a regular basis to achieve this. Long strokes during a massage seem to flush out inflammation and toxins, so that even their cellulite appears less noticeable.

Stand Out Makeup

Brazilian women are not a shy bunch. They aren’t afraid to spend a ton of money on cosmetics. Highlighting their best features is easy when they aren’t afraid to go bold on the eyes and lips. So they load on the mascara (waterproof, of course), lots of eyeliner, and even bright lips. This trend is a little harder for American women to follow because they have been schooled in the “pick one feature” theory of showing off only one feature at a time. Be like the Brazilians and go for that fuchia lips with a smoky eye. You’ll feel sexy and beautiful, just like the Brazilians do.

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