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August 22, 2023

5 Careers You Can Have As A Spa Therapist

Do you have a passion for skin care, massage, and helping others feel their best? Then consider becoming a Spa Therapist! In this blog, we’ll explore 5 careers you can pursue as a Spa Therapist!

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August 1, 2023

5 Careers You Can Have As A Full Specialist

Pursuing a career as a Full Specialist can open a world of possibilities in the beauty industry. You’ll be equipped with a diverse skill set that combines both esthetics and nail technology, allowing you to explore various career paths. In this blog, we will talk about 5 careers you can pursue if you choose to become a Full Specialist!  

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July 5, 2023

What Is A Spa Therapist?

Are you interested in becoming a spa therapist? In this blog, we delve into the realm of spa therapy and explore how joining our program can unlock a world of possibilities and set you on the path to becoming a skilled spa therapist.

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June 7, 2023

Cosmetology vs Barbering

Are you passionate about the beauty industry but torn between pursuing cosmetology or barbering? In this blog, we explore the differences and similarities between the two!

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April 14, 2023

How to Become A Massage Therapist In Florida

Discover the steps to becoming a licensed massage therapist in Florida. Learn about education and training requirements, state licensure, continuing education courses and career opportunities. Unlock your dream today!

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February 7, 2023

How To Become a Nail Tech In Florida

Do you have a passion for art and creativity? Consider becoming a nail technician! Read our blog to learn the requirements needed to become a nail tech in Florida.

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