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September 30, 2015

The Importance of Having a Creative Career for Creative Personalities

Creative Career for Creative Personalities Hairdressing

Creativity is not a word that often comes up when thinking about careers…yet, if you have a creative personality, it is critically important to select a creative career. Learn how creativity and career influence one another and the importance of selecting a career that matches your personality type.

Why creative people need creative work

If you think, act, and dress creatively, fitting into a 9 to 5 corporate job can be a struggle. From having to tame down your style of dress or your hair color to fit corporate norms to being reprimanded for taking too long at lunch or coming in late, corporate norms can be chafing to the creative person.

If you are creative, you may already know you don’t want a boring office job where you’re stuck in a cubicle. Yet, you may not know what you do want. There are so many ways to be creative that picking a direction can feel overwhelming.

The good news is, there are many fun, creative, and lucrative ways to make a living that you do not have to settle for a conventional office job. If you are creative, you deserve to find a job that celebrates and makes use of that creativity.

Creativity in the workplace

There are many career fields that accommodate and reward creative personality types. If you excel at drawing or painting, you could become an artist or an art teacher. Or you could tap into your artistic talent by working in interior design, theater, costuming, architecture, or even landscape design. All of these jobs tap into that creative outlet and drawing skill.

Some creative talents are more abstract. If you grew up always playing dress up, doing your dolls’ hair and makeup, and brainstorming the craziest Halloween costumes, then you have a creative mind and flair for fashion. Choosing a career that rewards your unique skills allows you to celebrate who you are and what you love all day long – and help other people look their best. The beauty and barber industry welcomes creative people with an eye for trends, fashion, and flair.

By working with hair or nails, you can capture the same joy that you knew when playing as a kid, while also working with people and bringing your creative talents to every cut, color, or manicure. Every day and every client is different, preventing boredom at work.

Demand for stylists, beauty technicians, and hairdressers is high as many individuals leave the industry for families, change locations, or transition into other work. By entering the beauty industry now, you can find your niche, gain on the job experience, and set yourself up for a lifetime of creative and rewarding work.

Would you like to learn more about career opportunities in the beauty industry? If so, then we invite you to contact us directly for more information or attend an open house to learn more about creative careers in beauty and barber school.

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