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November 30, 2020

2021 is just around the corner and now may be the perfect time to start your journey toward a career in esthetics! With the challenges of the past year, many people have increasingly turned to self-care routines to find confidence, normalcy, and a remedy for stress. Data from Exploding Topics shows that 2020 saw a huge 40% increase in queries around skincare, with search volumes averaging 110,00 per month!

At Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy, we love helping students turn their passions into a possible career. If you’ve ever wondered whether a career in esthetics may be right for you, here are a few signs the universe may be calling you to a new path as an esthetician!

1. Typical College Sounds Boring to You

Scantrons, lectures, and essays, oh my! If the thought of attending a typical four-year university starts you snoozing, a career in esthetics may be your perfect fit. Our Skin Care Program can provide a creative environment that allows you to practice your skills hands-on. Don’t wait till your post-college career to learn valuable and marketable skills. Oh, and ditch the typical nine-to-five for a career you can have fun in!

2. You Want to Make a Career Switch

Looking to start a new career? Consider becoming an esthetician! Our Skin Care Program is 300 clock hours and can be completed in as little as nine-15 weeks. That means you could be eligible to start your new career in less than three months. Not only this, but esthetics is also a growing industry. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 17% increase in skincare jobs from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than average.

3. Beauty is Your Passion

Were your friends always turning to you for beauty advice? Or were you always the designated makeup artist for big events? This is a major sign you could love a career in esthetics! By enrolling in our Skin Care Program, you could learn to turn your passions for makeup, waxing, and body treatments into marketable skills. Who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love?

4. You Want to Be Your Own Boss

If recent experiences have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to adapt. As an esthetician, you can work for yourself as an independent contractor, or even own your own spa. That means you can be your own boss and have complete control over all business decisions. You can decide where to work, when, and make whatever changes you see fit. Life may have thrown some curveballs recently, but self-employed estheticians had the power to adapt by selling products online, creating take-home facial kits, or running gift card sales! We love a boss babe!

5. Pampering Yourself is a Favorite Hobby

One of the many perks of a career in skincare? Getting pampered as part of your education. We teach hands-on, and students may practice waxing, applying makeup, and giving facials both on clients and other students. You can even learn massage (or be a practice dummy!) by enrolling in our Spa Therapist Program, which combines skincare and massage therapy.

6. You Have an Eye for Detail

If you have always had an eye for detail, this is one sign you may be meant for esthetics! Estheticians need to be able to analyze different skin types thoughtfully to provide the best recommendations for client services and products. That’s why we make sure our students are taught the basics of completing a thorough skin analysis to set them up for success in the spa!

7. You Love Helping Others

Estheticians can have a huge impact on their clients’ lives. Being able to help clients turn insecurities, like dry skin, into confidence boosters can be truly meaningful, both to the esthetician and the client. If you love helping others, a career in esthetics may help you make a difference and feel fulfilled.

Begin Your Journey Into Skin Care Today

If any of these signs hit a note in you, consider making education a part of your new year and beginning your journey towards an esthetics career! We offer three different programs that incorporate skincare into their curriculum so you can find a career that matches your future goals. You can learn how to apply to our Skin Care, Spa Therapist, or Full Specialist Programs online, or schedule a tour to see if Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy may be right for you!

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