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September 24, 2019

Girl dressed as a witch holding a sign saying "Boo"

Fall has arrived and with it comes Halloween. While some people may have been planning their costumes for this year since November 1st last year, if you still haven’t decided on a costume yet you aren’t alone! For those who waited till the last-minute and need a costume that impresses everyone at the upcoming Halloween party but don’t want to spend a lot, here are seven last-minute Halloween costumes that are easy to pull off.

“Men In Black”

The original “Men In Black” movie is a classic and with the fourth one released this year, it’s still a timely costume to wear! It’s one that most people will easily recognize and love.

To pull it off: You’ll need a suit with a black tie, sunglasses, and a silver pen to be recognized as one of the Men In Black.

Girl in a suit and sunglasses

Green With Envy

This couples costume will make you the punniest ones of the night! It’s simple and may take some people a minute to get, but once they do they’ll enjoy a good laugh.

To pull it off: One person will wear a green shirt while the other simply sticks on a “hello my name is” name tag with the name “envy”. Together you are green with envy!

Girl with a green shirt

Instagram Post

Your friends will love the creativity you can put into an Instagram-worthy costume. It’s one that you can keep to yourself all night, or pass around to create fun memories with everyone.

To pull it off: Use a piece of thick white poster paper and cut out a square in the middle. Open Instagram for reference and using a sharpie, add the top and bottom bar from Instagram, likes, a caption, and any comments. Make this costume your own by personalizing it!

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Where’s Waldo

The search is over! Easily turn this costume into a fun group costume using all the characters from the “look and find”books.

To pull it off: To dress as Waldo or Wenda you’ll need a red and white striped long sleeve shirt and beanie and a pair of round glasses.

Deviled Egg

A clever pun makes for a great last-minute costume in this good breakfast gone bad inspired costume.

To pull it off: Transform a plain white t-shirt by adding a yellow circle on front and a pair of devil horns to your head.


Few things represent the Halloween spirit more than bats! Use your creativity to impress your friends with this simple DIY costume.

To pull it off: You’ll need a black jacket, a black umbrella, hot glue gun, and black pants. Cut the umbrella in half and glue each half on either side of the jacket along the bottom of the sleeve and the side. Remove metal pieces of the umbrella if needed to keep it comfortable.


Embrace your inner nerd this Halloween. It’s all about the accessories to turn your everyday wardrobe into something a little more geeky.

To pull it off: A white shirt with suspenders, a pair of glasses with tape in the middle, and a calculator, the bigger the calculator the better, can all help you pull off this look!

Girl dressed up as a nerd

It’s never too late to put together a great Halloween costume. If you’ve been procrastinating and find yourself without a costume, you may have everything you need for a clever DIY costume at home already. For more Halloween hair and makeup tips, check out our blog . At Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy, we love getting into the spirit of the season. Comment below with your DIY costume ideas, we’d love to hear them!

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