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March 10, 2020

7 Glamorous Prom Nails

Looking for a nail design for your special night at prom? Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy knows how to do glamorous nail designs, and we’ve highlighted seven of our favorites! These styles are about expressing your inner diva and looking extraordinary on your special night! You can learn more about nail designs in our nail technician program. Tell us which glam nail design you love for prom!

1.Mermaid Nails

If you don’t have a dress picked out yet, these neutral nails with a twist could be the perfect set for you! Choose a clear or white color for your base coat. In this picture they’ve added a hint of color by putting stars and beads on the nails. This bubbly bead look by @nailmermaid13 gives off mermaid vibes.


2.Sky Blue

Check out these sky blue nails by Rebecca, @xslayconbeckyx.

Using nature can be a good way to brainstorm acrylic nails designs for prom. Some ideas are sun inspired nails, cactus inspired nails, or palm tree nails.


3.Bright Colors!

Choose a bright color to stand out from the crowd! Match your nails to your dress, or the color of your shoes! You can even add a little sparkle to glam it up! We love these hot pink nails by @Clawsby_christina.


4.Princess Pink

Nails by @xfenixnailzx.

Prom can be as special as you want it to be. For some people, it’s the night you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little kid! If prom is your version of a fairytale, top off your look with a set of princess nails. Use fun colors such as pink, rose gold, silver, or gold. Choose colors that shimmer and sparkle so everyone in your land can see.


5.Taste the Rainbow

Choosing one color can be difficult. With this style, you can choose several colors! This is a fun spring and summer look that can match any dress. Pastels, earth tone colors, or monochromatic shades could also be something fun to try!

These rainbow nails were done by Judy, @beautyxjudyy. Our favorite part about these nails are the stiletto shape of the nails. Stiletto and almond shape have become very popular.


6.Trendy Velvet Nails

These nails by @kingyaya_beauty look like velvet! Velvet has become popular in fashion, because the fashion industry likes to bring back throwback clothing. According to Glowsly, velvet was actually brought around in the 1920’s and was commonly used for evening dresses. A velvet dress and velvet nails could be the fashion statement you’re looking for. Stay trendy and get velvet nails for prom!


7.Short and Sweet

Gel manicure by @britbaebeauty. Swipe to see the matching pedicure!

Go for a simple look and get gel nails! Acrylics can be fun to add extra length, but if you’ve never had long nails before, it might be nice to get something shorter. Keep the white and silver and change out the teal color to match your dress!


Feel Glamorous

You can feel glamorous by getting one of these nail designs at our student salon. Students can do your nails under the direct supervision of a licensed professional.

Bring Out The Artist In You

Would you like to learn how to do these designs? A career as a nail technician might be the right career path for you! A nail technician builds relationships with clients and gets to be creative with their work. If this sounds like something you’re passionate about, enroll in our nail program here at Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy!

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